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POLY-SET Eliminates Many Pole Problems




Leaning Poles with No Backfill

  Corner Poles Under Stress    Poles in High Decay Area   Transformer or Service Poles  

Soil Difficulties
  • Hard clay soils are difficult to properly tamp
  • Wet soils cannot be tamped properly
  • Little or no cohesive properties
  • Difficult to tamp soil after heavy storms
Gravel and Rock Difficulties
   Multiple delivery problems can occur:
  • Availability of rock or gravel a concern following storm damage
  • Cannot get rock or gravel delivered in hard-to-reach areas
  • Additional equipment required to handle rock or gravel on job-sites
  • Rock or gravel have little or no cohesive properties
  • Mixing concrete is labor intensive and requires extended curing/installation times
The POLY-SET Solution
  • Easy to use, customized kits
  • Engineered backfill around every pole
  • Set quickly. Linemen can climb the structures in 20 minutes!
POLY-SET is a user friendly tool that will increase productivity and reliability. POLY-SET is a capital expenditure that can improve your companies bottom line when you acknowledge that rate increases area a function of capital expenditures and reliability. Therefore, the investment in POLY-SET not only improves reliability, but can also help utilities meet increasingly more visible financial targets.  


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