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Electrical grounding is integrated into the entire utility system and provides important attributes such as worker safety, system protection, lightning protection and energy savings.

Another aspect of the United States’ electrical system is the effect of harmonic distortion on the distribution system. As our society uses more and more electricity, some of the electrical devices we use in our daily lives, like computers, fluorescent lighting, etc., produce negative effects through the reflection of the Triplen (3rd, 9th, 15th, etc.) harmonic frequencies of the fundamental 60Hz frequency into the system. Triplens are added to the neutral conductor causing overloads and overheating, which reduce energy efficiency. Harmonic frequencies significantly increase the unsolicited component of the total load.

Triplen harmonics are reflected directly onto the neutral, unlike other harmonics which may or may not find their way onto the neutral. In many cases, the total load is not recognized because watt hour meters measures only the 60Hz portion of the load and not the distorted load of other frequencies. These loads of other frequencies can only be measured with an RMS Volt-amp meter.

When the impedance to the current flow of electricity is reduced, less generation is required. Any reduction in I2Z (I= amps, Z= impedance) reduces the generation and thus less fuel is consumed. For example, a 10% reduction in opposition of the current flow (line loss) (I2Z) results in 21% less generation. A 20% reduction in line loss (I2Z) results in a 44% less generation and still maintains the capacity to serve the billable load –watts.

In our opinion, the effects of harmonic distortion (unsolicited load) can be minimized by replacing the soil immediately adjacent to the ground rod or ground wire with a more conductive material like POLY-GROUND® (increased surface area) from the load back to the power transformer. The power transformer is often an electrically connected Delta –Y connection. The harmonic currents will then be directed into the earth’s crust at more points in the circuit than just the substation ground mat.

In order to verify the possible result of the diminishing of the total harmonic distortion (unsolicited load), it is suggested a circuit be selected with known high harmonic distortion problems. This can be verified by the standard recording watt meter and a recording RMS volt-ampere meter connected to the circuit in approximately the same place on the selected circuit. If the soil resistivity is high, there may be a need for more POLY-GROUND® grounds on the circuit. There will be energy savings on any circuit selected and on some circuits the savings will be in excess of 30%.

The intent is to discover how much of the distorted currents can be directed into the earth’s crust’s infinite reservoir of electrons by increasing the surface area of this connection.


With superior grounding, the effects of harmonic currents will be directed into the Earth’s crust and the neutral conductor will remain neutral. The reduced currents in the line will not react to cause excessive line losses. This reduction in line losses and transformer losses will cut the total losses substantially and thus require less generated power resulting in energy savings.


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