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POLY-SET HD Application Advantages

 POLY-SET HD is easy to use and sets fast to increase productivity.
Sets in minutes allowing a sign crew to set the sign and the post all in one trip saving time and money.
  • Eliminates hand mixing sand, gravel, concrete, and water for small signs
  • Eliminates cleaning tools
  • Eliminates concrete truck delays
  • Eliminates the need for a return trip to erect a typical sign.

POLY-SET HD is water insensitive and can be used in adverse soil conditions:
  • Wet or dry soil conditions
  • Sandy soils
  • Rocky conditions


POLY-SET HD is packaged in a variety of convenient light weight sizes designed specifically to meet DOT sign support applications.

Features and Advantages

POLY-SET HD is a patented high density, water insensitive, polyurethane backfill that improves reliability of small road-side sign post structures while reducing installation time and labor costs.  POLY-SET HD is suitable for use in all weather conditions, and is exceptional in wet soils, dry soils, sandy soils, rocky soils and poor soil conditions.  POLY-SET HD resists the heaving and jacking effects of soil conditions that range form extremely dry to extremely wet.  Unlike other backfills, signposts set with POLY-SET HD can be set in 12-16 minutes.

Product Availability

POLY-SET HD and other POLY-SET products are readily available and most orders ship within five business days from receipt of a verified purchase order. 



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