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If you’re still using concrete for setting your road signs and other in ground structures, let us show you how POLY-SET® HD can save you time and money.


  POLY-SET HD is lightweight and easy to transport, no mixing trucks needed.  One person can mix and pour the POLY-SET HD into the void.   In minutes POLY-SET HD rises to 8.5 times it's original volume and creates a permanent backfill, allowing the linemen to set many post in one day.  

POLY-SET® HD is an uniquely engineered backfill that was originally designed over 30 years ago to help the utility industry solve the problems they faced setting transmission and distribution poles in poor soil conditions. We improved the original POLY-SET formulation and created POLY-SET HD that was tested by the Texas Transportation Institute (TTI), and approved for use by Texas Department of Transportation for sign support applications. The timing is right for you to see how POLY-SET HD can save you both time and money.
HOW IT WORKS. POLY-SET HD is a specially modified, high density, polyurethane product that when properly prepared, transforms the two-part liquid components into a tightly packed, well-anchored foundation in minutes.

WHY IT WORKS. POLY-SET HD expands up to 8.5 times its original volume and actually contours to the shape of the excavated area, essentially locking itself and the structure in place. The tightly packed molecular structure of POLY-SET HD increases the bearing surface of the embedded structure by making the post part of the foundation.


WHY IT LASTS. Unlike alternative backfill materials, POLY-SET HD is resistant to moisture as a result of its closed cell structure. Compared to conventional approaches it’s more resistant to heat, cold, and micro bacterial attack. By encapsulating the post, POLY-SET HD acts as a protective shield against environmental elements.



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