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Advantages to Setting Structures with POLY-SET

This pole was pulled out of the ground with the POLY-SET still bonded to the pole.  When POLY-SET is used to set or straighten a pole it permanently bonds itself and actually becomes part of the pole in minutes.  POLY-SET creates an air tight bond between itself and the pole that cannot be penetrated by water.
  • Increased bearing surface means enhanced safety.
  • Extends pole life by reducing groundline rot.
  • Increase up-lift by up to three times that of conventional backfills.
  • Sets up in rock, sandy soils and wet soils.
  • Increased strength reduces storm damage.
  • After backfilling, structures will stand alone in 12-15 minutes.
  • Protects the environment by sealing in pole preservatives.

POLY-SET expands to 12-15 times its premixed volume and the POLY-SET kits are small and light weight.  POLY-SET is easily mixed and all kits come with a mixing container.  No equipment is required just a pole, a void and POLY-SET.  
  • No tamping required.
  • Pre-project planning simplified regarding manpower, materials and time.
  • POLY-SET Kits can be carried on line trucks.
  • Makes setting operations easier requiring less manpower and equipment.
  • During actual line construction, re-plumbing of the pole is not necessary.
  • Short guy lines can be eliminated.

Advantages to Straightening Structures with POLY-SET

  POLY-SET creates a foundation stronger than the original foundation and creates added protection to the ground line.  POLY-SET fixes a leaning pole in minutes requiring less effort and money to straighten a pole that has already been set.
  • Quick and Easy to use
  • Corrects existing poles that are leaning due to wind damage or soil failure
  • Ground line protection accomplished simultaneously with straightening
  • Eliminates the problems of excavating, hauling backfill and re-tamping
  • Most poles can be straightened with a two-man crew

The Benefits of Using POLY-SET

POLY-SET Works with Many Pole Types and in Varying Soil Conditions!


Metal Poles Wood Poles Dry Soils Wet Soils
POLY-SET can be used on wood, fiberglass, concrete and all types of metals. POLY-SET also protects against insects, water, rot, and (on steel) corrosion.  POLY-SET Provides a structurally superior backfill solution in dry, wet, and freezing temperatures.  POLY-SET supplies you with a patented and proven water insensitive backfill system developed and improved for over 30 years.


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