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Kit Descriptions


POLY-SET Standard Utility KitsThe standard POLY-SET kit types are our traditional product kits that are available in either plastic jugs or metal buckets. The standard POLY-SET kits have serviced the utility industry for more than 30 years and are currently used in 20 states across the country
Informational Movie Clips

POLY-SET Kit Demonstration Clip:  This is a 9mb streaming video file demonstrating our PS230W kits and the PS210W / PS215W kit.  The clip includes demonstrations, mixing and application instructions.

POLY-SET Water Insensitivity Comparison:  This is a 13mb streaming video file comparing our product to another backfill foam when water is present.  The comparison was done in a lab setting and shows both dry and water tests completed on each backfill material.
MSDS & Mixing Instructions


MSD SheetPOLY-SET Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for the "A" and "B" components


Kit Mixing Instructions POLY-SET PSW2 mixing instructions with time and temperature chart


POLY-SET Brochure This is a downloadable brochure that describes the POLY-SET facts and benefits.
Test Data

Contact USS

C-E American Pole Structure; Uplift TestA  full scale load test was performed on an Octagonal Pole Shaft which was embedded in a 30 inch diameter hole, 13 feet in depth and then backfilled using an expanding high density chemically-modified polyurethane foam called "Poleset."
Contact USS Cable Shield TestTo determine if the Poleset compound would affect the electrical characteristics of cable insulation shield materials or the mechanical properties of the cable jacket materials 
Contact USS Jason Associates; Pole InspectionA report on the first sampling in a series of five conducted on Poleset backfilled poles in eastern Kansas on the Kaw Valley Electric Cooperative system.
Contact USS MDI Test:  Air monitoring was performed to evaluate potential exposure to 4,4-Diphenylmethane-diisocyanate(MDI).
Contact USS Pole Pull-Out Test 1 To investigate the effects of differing methods of pole installation upon pole uplift resistance, a full-scale load testing program was performed. The results of the load testing program are intended to provide the technical basis for planning the most cost-effective means of pole installation.
Contact USS Pole Pull-Out Test 2 The results of the load testing program are intended to provide the technical basis for planning the most cost-effective means of pole installation. Part 2
Contact USS Southwest Timber Labs Pole Checks Oologah, OK Evaluation of wood poles set using Poly-Set foam at Oologay, Oklahoma.
Contact USS Southwest Timber Labs; Pole Checks Tillar, AR evaluation of wood poles set in foam at Tillar, Arkansas.
Contact USS Southwest Timber Labs Pole InspectionTests included both Southern Pine and Douglas Fir poles and both creosote and pentachlorophenol treatments.
Contact USS Southwest Timber Labs Pole Inspection Dickinson, TX Findings on the Texas-New Mexico Power Company line along State Highway 517 in Dickinson, Texas.
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