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POLY-SET is a patented, specially modified water-insensitive polyurethane and a state-of-the-art backfill that dramatically improves profit and productivity in setting and straightening applications.


HOW IT WORKS. POLY-SET expands up to 15 times its premixed liquid volume as it fills the void, forming a tightly packed anchoring foundation that is stronger than the pole itself. It hardens into a virtually indestructible pole-to-backfill-to-ground bond. It can be used with any type of pole and cures quickly enough for you to release the pole in approximately 10-15 minutes.

WHY IT WORKS. The tightly packed molecular structure of POLY-SET creates a bond with the pole. POLY-SET actually contours to the shape of the excavated area, essentially locking itself and the pole into place. It is quick, efficient and replaces the back breaking effort of tamping soil.

WHY IT LASTS. Unlike any alternative backfill, POLY-SET is impervious to moisture. Compared to other backfills it is more resistant to heat, cold, micro bacterial attack and physical stress. POLY-SET has a compressive strength that is up to three times greater than properly tamped native soil.

POLY-SET consists of two liquid components that are mixed together and then poured into a void. It comes in a variety of kit sizes ranging from a 1 cubic foot kit for straightening poles to the 10 cubic feet for setting larger structures like Transmission poles.



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