Our History

Mission Statement: Our mission is to provide state of the art polyurethane backfills and service to electrical providers globally, thus improving the performance of their transmission and distribution networks so they can deliver reliable, adequate, and affordable electrical service to their customers.

Brief History: For more than 40 years, Utility Structural Systems, its backfill foam technicians in Houston, TX, and its parent companies have been dedicated to helping the electric utility industry make the “wires” portion of their companies become more reliable. In today’s deregulated environment, system reliability has become vitally important for each utility.

With Poleset, we brought you the first polyurethane foam for setting and straightening utility poles of all types. Poleset was initially a standard backfill foam, but with the combined efforts of Utility Structural Systems and utility field personnel, we realized something more was needed. We, again, revolutionized the industry by bringing the industry’s only water-insensitive polyurethane backfill to the market. Poleset had taken an enormous step forward in research. Never before had the industry been exposed to such a product. In 1989, Utility Structural Systems took another giant step forward by developing the first CFC-Free polyurethane backfill system for the utility market. With these major improvements, we’ve changed the name of the product from Poleset, to POLY-SET®.

We are now proud to bring you POLY-GROUND®.  We have, again, led the industry in supplying the first electrically conductive polyurethane backfill for setting poles and ground rods. It took almost four years to make, and it is now ready for you to use to enhance your system grounding and reliability.


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