POLY-SET® in Houston, TX

POLY-SET® is a patented, specially modified, water-insensitive polyurethane backfill that dramatically improves profit and productivity in setting and straightening applications. Utility Structural Systems, located in Houston, TX, is your source for POLY-SET®.

How It Works: POLY-SET® expands up to 15 times its premixed liquid volume as it fills the void, forming a tightly packed anchoring foundation that is stronger than the pole itself. It hardens into a virtually indestructible pole-to-backfill-to-ground bond. It can be used with any type of pole and cures quickly enough for you to release the pole in approximately 10-15 minutes.

Why It Works: The tightly packed molecular structure of POLY-SET® creates a bond with the pole. POLY-SET® actually contours to the shape of the excavated area, essentially locking itself and the pole into place. It is quick, efficient, and replaces the backbreaking effort of tamping soil.

Why It Lasts: Unlike any alternative backfill, POLY-SET® is impervious to moisture. Compared to other backfills, it is more resistant to heat, cold, micro bacterial attack, and physical stress. POLY-SET® has a compressive strength that is up to three times greater than properly tamped native soil.

POLY-SET® consists of two liquid components that are mixed together and then poured into a void. It comes in a variety of kit sizes ranging from a 1-cubic foot kit for straightening poles to the 10-cubic feet for setting larger structures like transmission poles.

Advantages to Setting Structures with POLY-SET®

This pole was pulled out of the ground with the POLY-SET® still bonded to the pole. When POLY-SET® is used to set or straighten a pole, it permanently bonds itself and actually becomes part of the pole in minutes. POLY-SET® creates an airtight bond between itself and the pole that cannot be penetrated by water. It includes the following features:

  • Increased bearing surface means enhanced safety
  • Extends pole life by reducing groundline rot
  • Increase up-lift by up to three times that of conventional backfills.
  • Sets up in rock, sandy soils and wet soils
  • Increased strength reduces storm damage
  • After backfilling, structures will stand alone in 12-15 minutes
  • Protects the environment by sealing in pole preservatives
  • Expands to 12-15 times its premixed volume and the POLY-SET® kits are small and light weight
  • Easily mixed and all kits come with a mixing container
  • No equipment is required—just a pole, a void, and POLY-SET®
  • No tamping required
  • Pre-project planning simplified regarding manpower, materials, and time
  • POLY-SET® Kits can be carried on line trucks
  • Makes setting operations easier, requiring less manpower and equipment
  • During actual line construction, re-plumbing of the pole is not necessary
  • Short guy lines can be eliminated
  • Advantages to Straightening Structures with POLY-SET®
  • POLY-SET® creates a foundation stronger than the original foundation and creates added protection to the groundline
  • POLY-SET® fixes a leaning pole in minutes requiring less effort and money to straighten a pole that has already been set
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Corrects existing poles that are leaning due to wind damage or soil failure
  • Groundline protection accomplished simultaneously with straightening
  • Eliminates the problems of excavating, hauling backfill, and re-tamping
  • Most poles can be straightened with a two-man crew

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The Benefits of Using POLY-SET®

Works with many pole types and in varying soil conditions

Can be used on wood, fiberglass, concrete, and all types of metals

Protects against insects, water, rot, and (on steel) corrosion

Provides a structurally superior backfill solution in dry, wet, and freezing temperatures

Supplies you with a patented and proven water insensitive backfill system developed and improved for over 30 years

POLY-SET® Eliminates Many Pole Problems

  • Soil Difficulties
  • Hard clay soils are difficult to tamp properly
  • Wet soils cannot be tamped properly
  • Little or no cohesive properties
  • Difficult to tamp soil after heavy storms
  • Gravel and rock difficulties
  • Multiple delivery problems can occur:
    • Availability of rock or gravel a concern following storm damage
    • Cannot get rock or gravel delivered in hard-to-reach areas
    • Additional equipment required to handle rock or gravel on job-sites
    • Rock or gravel have little or no cohesive properties
    • Mixing concrete is labor intensive and requires extended curing/installation times

The POLY-SET® Solution

POLY-SET® is a user-friendly, customized tool that will increase productivity and reliability. POLY-SET® is a capital expenditure that can improve your company’s bottom line when you acknowledge that rate increases a function of capital expenditures and reliability. Therefore, the investment in POLY-SET® not only improves reliability, but can also help utilities meet increasingly more visible financial targets. Our lineman can climb structures in 20 minutes and the engineered backfills around every pole.